Imaj Helps The UCAP School Rediscover its Promise

UCAPLOGO_RGB_FNLThe UCAP School is a national model and the only school of its kind. In partnering with school districts in RI, UCAP identifies middle school students who have fallen behind and are at risk of dropping out. Students are invited to attend UCAP for 2-3 years in order to catch up academically to their grade level. Once there, students find academic success and so much more. The school surrounds them with a caring community and a unique, personalized approach to learning which helps students build character and self-esteem. UCAP students graduate, returning to their schools and grade level, back on a path to success, and with a fervor for life’s possibilities.

Imaj was approached by The UCAP School in 2015 to help them create a marketing communications plan and work through collateral needs for fundraising. After a thorough discovery process, we uncovered that UCAP was much more than its former name and identity described: “UCAP: The Urban Collaborative Program.”

Through brand development workshops with a dedicated leadership team, UCAP rediscovered its strengths and its brand.bThe result, The UCAP School: Unity – Community- Achievement – Possibility, better represents the promise UCAP makes to students, families, and all stakeholders.

Visit the new website at

Imaj Video Gives ‘Boundless’ a Boost

Hartford Public Schools and Hartford Public Library launch historic partnership to enrich learning for all Hartford students.

Boundless brings Hartford’s schools and libraries together to offer expanded and integrated access to space, technology, trained educators, and shared resources. This groundbreaking partnership will connect classroom teachers and library staff to provide seamless, one-on-one, personal attention to students of all ages in order to create more powerful learning experiences. Continue reading

Imaj Helps EPI Make Progress

A 5-min video and new fundraising and capabilities kit, created by Imaj, received outstanding response at a recent event for The Economic Progress Institute (EPI).

“Once again Imaj came through and went above and beyond with a video that provides deeper insight into our complex brand than we even thought possible. Our guests went out of their way to complement both the video and communications materials at the event,” said Kate Brewster, Executive Director, EPI. Continue reading

A Little Mud Never Hurt Anyone

Our latest marketing video for BoldrDash shows the energy and excitement of this year’s fall Mud event. They really get down and dirty! Check it out and you’ll want to sign up for their next event!

BoldrDash is Southern New England’s leading military-style obstacle course race, known for creative obstacles designed for various levels of ability. Imaj creates videos, produces broadcast advertising, and provides public relations support for their events.

Thrive or Dive

thrive-dive With over ninety percent of online adults utilizing search engines to find information, leveraging technology to remain competitive is no longer an option – it’s a necessity. How can you maintain a a strong, visible presence on the web and optimize your marketing communications efforts? Check out Jeff’s article on the importance – and complexities – of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that was published in the recent issue of RISBJ.

In Good Company

Shown: Website Imaj created for Massachusetts-based Psychoanalyst/Psychotherapist M. Carole Drago, LICSW

A client testimonial

We have decided to start sharing direct quotes and testimonials about Imaj from our clients, and to also take the time to thank them. We take pride in choosing to work with companies, organizations and people who impress us. They do good things; they speak for what is right; and/or they share our work values: that true success can only be found through ethics, respect, excellence, and kindness. Continue reading

Who’s Ready for the Beach?

What’s better than a client who forces us to go the beach for a couple days? With BoldrDash, we get the opportunity to do just that every spring to shoot for marketing videos and commercials! Imaj just finished this GET BOLD AT THE BEACH television commercial to promote BoldrDash’s sandy, wet and wild obstacle course that took place on May 3, 2014, at Scarborough Beach in Narragansett, RI. One of New England’s most anticipated events, BoldrDash attracts over five thousand racers and spectators from over fourteen states. Continue reading

Why Hire a Professional?

Why hire a professional?

Cover of this month’s issue of RISBJ.

Who Needs Professionals in a Do-it-Yourself World?

Look out! Jami’s on her soapbox again! We’d love to hear your thoughts on this piece by Imaj president, Jami Ouellette, which was published in Volume 3, Issue 2 of Rhode Island Small Business Journal.

Ugh. How many articles have you read that start with the word, “ugh”? I honestly could not think of a better way to start this one. It’s the first thought that comes to my mind when faced with the “why do I need a professional when I can do it myself?” question. Anyone who knows me can envision “ugh” blurting out of my mouth before I gain the composure to censor my response. Continue reading

Another Happy Client! BPSI rolls-out their new Member website!

BPSI Members Site

Great response all around from our latest website – a protected area of designed specifically for members of the Boston Psychoanalytic Society & Institute (BPSI).

The site allows interaction between members, provides up-to-date course information for faculty and/or students, and downloadable syllabi and other critical updates. Once members delve into the new site and provide input on what else they’d like to see, Imaj will forge ahead with the next phase, which incorporates an extensive forum for various communities. In the end, the client is thrilled and so are we! Unfortunately you can’t see this site as it is password-protected but you CAN check out the main site at

Slam Dunk for Imaj and MJB

Magic Johnson Bridgescape Campaign

After an exhilarating photoshoot with Magic Johnson Bridgescape in LA last month, Imaj just completed a new outdoor/transit campaign to engage high school dropouts in this free and flexible graduation program. With our 26 years of experience in education and community initiatives across the country, Imaj is breathing new life into the MJB brand, starting with photos that truly capture the essence of this program. Spearheaded by Magic Johnson to help dropouts get back on track, MJB is a partnership between Edison Learning and Magic Johnson Enterprises.

Magic Johnson Bridgescape campaign can be seen on buses, in trains, and at convenience/gas stops throughout states that offer this amazing program.

A Bold Dash to Help the Coastline

Imaj Helps BrD Get the Word Out

On May 18 and 19, thousands of New Englanders will climb, crawl, and swing on the beaches on the RI/CT line, in order to raise money for the area, which was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Check out some one of the media appearances below and then go to to sign up for a challenging, rewarding and utterly exhaustingly good time!


BoldrDash visits The Rhode Show
BoldrDash on GoLocal

Recent Client News

BPSI and IAS Websites go live!BPSI Goes Live!

The Boston Psychoanalytic Society & Institute (BPSI) website showcases the nation’s largest psychoanalytic institute’s new brand, and has full admissions capabilities for all of their post-graduate programs and registration capabilities for their extensive list of seminars, lectures and events. Now Imaj is working on Phase 2 – a fully interactive membership section. Check it out at

Imaj recently branded Integrated Assessment Services (IAS) of Cambridge.
Phase 1 of their evolving website is now up and running, while Imaj works on Phase 2 as well as several public relations, promotional and marketing initiatives. Have a look at