How to select the PERFECT IMAGE to degrade your brand: aka

Knucklehead Syndrome

Today, I received yet another e-blast from a company using this image:
Group of business people brainstorming together in the meeting room

This time, it was used by a business consulting company. Ironically, just last week I noticed this same image on a South African Pharmaceutical company’s website:

OK, I have to ask: What do you (those of you who would willy-nilly use this stock photo) think are the messages your audiences are getting from this photo?

A: Our diverse staff work in a modern, spotless office with a very shiny conference table, enjoying a million dollar view of this (conveniently nondescript) city. We all drink coffee and wear either white or powder blue shirts, and enjoy snuggling up to share a laptop while our middle-aged white man (who is clean cut and well-groomed in spite of his neatly trimmed 5 o’clock shadow which he has because he works long hours out of unwavering commitment to clients) explains why he has a pile of papers in front of him. Our could-possibly-be-ethnic woman often uses her pen to point to a spot on the screen because she is very engaged and wants to be sure we are all looking at the right place. That’s how committed she is.

B. We are too lazy or cheap to use a better, more appropriate photo.

C. We are so unprofessional that we actually don’t realize this photo is making people role their eyes.


D. We are a bunch of knuckleheads.

You decide.
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SEO: Thriving or Diving

effective SEO

From Jeffrey Morse’s BLOG and as published in RISBJ

In the ever-expanding universe of the internet, it’s getting harder and harder to be seen. Businesses can no longer rely on being seen based on their own merits. Visibility requires strategy, planning, time and effort. Every day, technology affords us new, more interesting, and (most likely) more complicated ways to reach our audience. Leveraging technology to remain competitive is no longer an option. With over ninety percent of online adults utilizing search engines to find information, the need for a strong, visible presence on the web can mean the difference between your business thriving….or diving.

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Why Hire a Professional?

Why hire a professional?

Cover of this month’s issue of RISBJ.

Who Needs Professionals in a Do-it-Yourself World?

Look out! Jami’s on her soapbox again! We’d love to hear your thoughts on this piece by Imaj president, Jami Ouellette, which was published in Volume 3, Issue 2 of Rhode Island Small Business Journal.

Ugh. How many articles have you read that start with the word, “ugh”? I honestly could not think of a better way to start this one. It’s the first thought that comes to my mind when faced with the “why do I need a professional when I can do it myself?” question. Anyone who knows me can envision “ugh” blurting out of my mouth before I gain the composure to censor my response. Continue reading

The Big Picture

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