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We are confident saying/writing that because SEO is a very small part of a very big picture. And we are big picture thinkers and big picture doers.

SEO: It's an important part of the big picture.

SEO: It’s an important part of the big picture.

There are some critical factors to understand before choosing an SEO team:

  1. SEO Strategies that Degrade the Brand are Deadly
    SEO is not invisible. It is, in fact, visibility. And everything that people hear, read or see is your brand. Experts at coding or building websites are not (usually) branding experts. Business owners understand that – ultimately – the equity in and value of the brand will make or break the company. There are many SEO tactics that take place in the “back-end” of your website that must also be reflected in the content of your website. Our SEO teams include the best branding experts in the field to ensure brand consistency and integrity and to create authentic relevance, explained further in number 2, below. (You can view samples of our work by visiting our portfolios)
  2. Search Engines Look for Relevance
    According to Search Engines, the more RELEVANT your site is, the more RELEVANT your company is – and the most relevant company “deserves” to show up on top. Ultimately, SEO is all about convincing Search Engines that your company is relevant. Yes, there are a lot of tricks and short-cuts BUT the Search Engines (particularly Google) are determined to find them (and they always do) and then change their (top-secret) algorithms in order to minimize the tricks’ affects. Trying to “fool” the Search Engines, as many SEO Specialists do, is a short-term and potentially harmful solution. Let’s face it. The concept behind SEO is sound – relevance matters. Beats alphabetical (unless you are one of the AA Corporations from the Yellow Pages days!).
  3. SEO Relies Heavily on the Way The Copy is Written
    Once again, while the SEO expert is working his/her magic on the back-end, there is magic that has to happen on the “front-end.” For instance, if a page title claims that your company does ‘advertising, communications, and marketing,” but your page copy does not mention those terms enough or in the right places, it hurts your ranking. If the page copy mentions them too much, you may be marked as SPAM, which will further hurt your rankings. And (back to the brand) if the copy is written poorly – in an attempt to squeeze in the right words a few times – it degrades the brand and you’ll lose visitors and customers. Crisp, brand consistent copy is critical. And that takes special writers and editors who are experienced in writing for brands’ websites.
  4. Earned Media and Other Marketing Tactics that Happen Outside of SEO Result in the Best SEO
    Let’s face it – a website is still a marketing tool. It is one of the most important representations of a company’s or organization’s brand. It takes real marketing experts to coordinate all the complexities of all these practices into a cohesive strategy. When done right, your marketing and communications tactics will become your most powerful SEO strategy.
  5. SEO is Organic and Unpredictable
    You’ll notice that your search for a term or group of terms may return different results than those for someone else’s search using the same exact terms. That’s because Search Engines use individualized data to deliver results. For example – the location of your server, your history of visited sites. At the same time, while you are busily implementing your SEO strategies, many of your competitors are doing the same, perhaps with bigger budgets (isn’t that always the case?). An example that speaks to number 4 and 5: If a competitor scores a national story about their company, the buzz surrounding that makes that company more relevant and it will show up higher on Searches. THAT’S the magic that strong marketing communications planning brings to SEO.

There’s Even More to it Than All That
Unless your company is at the top brand in its category, you will need monthly SEO assessments and adjustments if you wish to get on or near the first page of a search. Here we have provided a very abbreviated list of what needs to be looked at and adjusted regularly. Even companies that are at the top of their brand categories spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on SEO strategies that tie into their millions of dollars of marketing strategies. They wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t giving them return on their investment.

Imaj’s SEO team brings to clients a deep understanding of and experience in all of these aspects of solid SEO strategies. We work within your (reasonable) budget to provide you with a strong foundation and organic growth plan. We do not just throw a couple short-cuts into your code for some short-term and ultimately harmful results. Imaj is committed to success – to meeting and exceeding expectations and to delivering measurable results that pay off in spades.

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