Imaj Video Gives ‘Boundless’ a Boost

Hartford Public Schools and Hartford Public Library launch historic partnership to enrich learning for all Hartford students.

Boundless brings Hartford’s schools and libraries together to offer expanded and integrated access to space, technology, trained educators, and shared resources. This groundbreaking partnership will connect classroom teachers and library staff to provide seamless, one-on-one, personal attention to students of all ages in order to create more powerful learning experiences.

“Today we add an important new tool to the urban learning toolbox,” said Hartford Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Beth Narvaez at the December 14 event unveiling Boundless, at which the video created by Imaj was unveiled. Superintendent Narvaez explained that in the past, children would go to school during the day, and might go to library after school and on weekends, but that model didn’t connect the school experience and the library experience.

The Boundless collaboration integrates both environments to better serve students and connect their learning in and out of the traditional school setting. Boundless reflects a growing national trend toward school districts and library systems collaborating around student-centered learning.

“Partnering with Hartford Public Schools and Hartford Public Library to create the Boundless video was a truly rewarding experience for our team,” says Imaj President, Jami Ouellette Morse. “Video is one of many strategies we are integrating into communications/engagement for Nellie Mae Education Foundation, and several school districts from VT to CT, to support their evolution to student-centered learning.”

As the largest education foundation in NewEngland, Nellie Mae is investing $200 Million over five years to create an education system where learning transcends the traditional school calendar and setting. The new paradigm to better ensure students’ success will be a student-centered system where learning is personalized, students are involved in their learning, and progress is based on mastery of a skill or topic, rather than time spent in a classroom.

Our clients’ responses once again reflect the results of Imaj partnership principles and our goal to work with people and organizations who share them:

Thank you so much for pulling this off in the short window of time. This video will make our launch so much more powerful and it sends a clear message about the kinds of partnerships we need in order to meet our vision for students. You all did an amazing job and I cannot wait to share!”

Michelle L. Puhlick, Executive Director,
Planning & Partnerships, Hartford Public Schools

“Boundless is about the work of hope. Where both of our institutions are turning outward to serve the needs of our community, the needs of our students, and the needs of families to help us all reach our aspiration of living in a wonderful city. I am feeling extraordinarily proud of this great work called Boundless. And thinking how awesome you all are at Imaj for capturing the essence of the partnership in such s short period of time. Thank you very much for this video. Can’t wait to show it to the world on Monday!”

Matthew K. Poland, Chief Executive Officer,
Hartford Public Library

Later, Imaj was recognized in a Tweet by Dr Narvaez:

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 11.29.15 AM

The video was also added to a package that The Institute for Museum and Library Services sent to the White House.

Read more about Boundless
Explore Nellie Mae Education Foundation’s vision for New England Schools.
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