Enter the #ImajSelfie Challenge!

photoYou could win $250 for your favorite charity. Participate in the #ImajSelfie Challenge social media campaign!

What to do
Take a selfie in front of a piece of work that Imaj created (Imaj Associates or Im-aj Communications). Anything goes, including:

  • logo
  • sign
  • billboard
  • printed piece
  • ads/commercials
  • website
  • t-shirt or other tchotchke
  • news article or press release
  • photo
  • even a plan!
  • Check out our entries so far here!

    Get creative – anything that Imaj worked on, new or old (OK preferably not so old that it was created before half our staff members were born please — and if you have stuff we did in the 80s, please deposit into the nearest recycling bin!).

    You do not have to be the client! The image could be of something we did for you, your company, your past company, or something we worked on for someone else (you can find ideas in our Lookbooks).

    Post your selfie via our Facebook page and/or on Twitter (@ImajAssoc) using #ImajSelfie.

    If you do not access social media (yes, we know you exist!) – no problem, just email the photo to us (with a caption if you’d like) and we will post it for you! We will be sure to repost all entries on all our networks.

    All participants will be entered into a drawing, which will be videotaped and posted throughout social media channels.

    Who wins the prize?
    So glad you asked! We will create a tag cloud based on the LIKES of each post and then post a printout of the cloud in our studio and throw one dart to select the winner. Imaj will donate $250 to the charity of the winner’s choice, which also will be posted with a link through all our social media outlets. In addition, we will give a $25 Amazon Gift Card for the most creative entry!

    Only four rules:
    1. You cannot post a picture of yourself in front of any portion of the Imaj website or any Imaj social media portfolios (that would be too easy)
    2. Imaj employees, past and present, are eligible however, they may not use samples from the Imaj archives or take their photos at our studio.
    3. Please! no drive-by selfies unless you are a passenger!
    4. Selected charity must be a qualified non-profit, 501C3.

    C’mon, get shameless
    Use this as an opportunity to shamelessly self-promote both your company and your charity (especially if they are one in the same!) Need ideas? Check out our print gallery!

    Anyone can enter and you can enter more than once, as long as you appear with a different image in each entry!

    The Imaj Selfie Challenge will close on November 15, just in time for some holiday cheer.


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