Our Rates

For your convenience, we have provided our base rates for the most common needs. Non profits; small, local companies; and prime contractors fall into the lower end of the ranges. Higher end of the ranges are more typical for large, national companies or within areas where costs are higher.*

• Project management: $160/hr – $200/hr
• Creative direction: $185/hr – $250/hr
• Art direction: $165/hr – $220/hr
• Graphic design: $150/hr – $180/hr
• Editing: $175/hr – $250/hr
• Copy writing: $150/hr – $225/hr
• Speech writing: $175/hr – $240/hr
• Creative writing: $150/hr – $180/hr
• Public and media relations: $150/hr – $250/hr
• SEO strategy: $150/hr – $200/hr
• SEO maintenance $65/hr – $95/hr
• WordPress or custom CMS web design: $175/hr – $250/hr
• Media buying: $150/hr or percentage of buy
• Photography: $175/hr – $225/hr; half-day: $600 – $900; full-day: $1200 – $1900 (plus travel, lighting, props and assistant(s) if needed)
• Videography: $200/hr; half-day: $800; full-day: $1600
• Video editing: vendor plus 25%, and $150/hour art direction and oversight
• Fundraising/development strategists: $200/hr
• Marketing/communications strategists: $225/hr
• Crisis Communications strategies: $225/hr – $400/hr
• Crisis Communications implementation: rates plus 30%
• Strategic planning/strategists: $225/hr – $375/hr
• Film/video Director/producer: $225/hr – $400/hr
• Event management: $175/hr – $225/hr
• Staff Training: estimated based on need
• Imaj also provides internal staffing of highly trained candidates based on need

*contract administration that requires extensive tracking or reporting will require and additional, hourly administrative fee or $65/hr

Vendors, media buyers and expenses
Vendors, printers, buyers and media outlets may bill clients directly, unless Imaj supervision is needed, in which case typical industry mark ups will be applied.
Imaj Associates will bill hourly for additional production supervision.
Other out-of-pocket expenses +10%

Non-hourly projects:
Some projects cannot be billed by the hour. For instance, the branding process is the same for a small company as it is for a large company. Once the strategy is in place, the identity could come to us in an hour or could take hundreds of hours. Therefore brand pricing is based on the size of the company, type of company, complexity and the reach of the brand. Branding projects start at $2500 for the smallest client and reach well beyond $100,000. In order to provide pricing, we have to learn about your company or organization and needs.